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NUMEROUS WAVES IN THE OCEAN OF LIFE - Srimanta Foundation’s Tribute To Dr Bhupen Hazarika


NUMEROUS WAVES IN THE OCEAN OF LIFE - Srimanta Foundation’s tribute to Dr Bhupen Hazarika

At 1600 hours on Sunday, the 20 th November 2011, Srimanta Foundation had organized a discussion titled ‘Numerous  Waves in the Ocean of Life’ to pay homage to the great legend Dr Bhupen Hazarika who is no more. This was organized at the Pandit Tirthanath Sharma auditorium in the presence of a select group of audience numbering 200 plus.

The people started to pour in from around 3.30 pm who first paid their respect by offering flowers at the portrait of late Bhupen da and then entering the auditorium. The programme compered by Sjt Bhaskarjyoti Mahanta, the Managing Trustee of the Foundation, started off at 1607 hours by his welcoming the august gathering and briefly mentioning the purpose of the programme. He then took the audience to his own audio-visual rendition of the ‘Story of a Bird’ which was composed by Smt Swapnali Mahanta as homage to the great soul. The rendition interspersed with visuals of the great legend and his songs, relevant beautiful pictures, was a magnificent piece which kept the audience spell bound for a full seven minutes.         

This was followed by the deliberation of Shri Ratna Ojha on ‘The Fragrance of the Maestro while in Sojourn’. Sjt Ojha who spoke for around 20 minutes shared about the great legend’s sojourn across the world and about his various creations in different places. Elaborating on Dr Hazarika’s stay at Calcutta, Sjt Ojha opined that, that was actually the golden period of his creation when his personality created waves in Bangladesh too. Sjt Ojha’s deliberation was followed by a presentation of a few minutes of audio-visuals clippings of Bhupen da’s views on the subject and the interview of which was taken by Sjt Bhaskarjyoti Mahanta in 1996.

Sjt Bhaskarjyoti Mahanta then requested Kalpana Lazmi to come over to the stage and speak a few words. Kalpana briefly touching upon her meeting Bhupen da at Calcutta till his last days spoke about the simple and childlike nature of Bhupen da. She said that when she first met Bhupen da he was not a happy man and was missing the love of the people of Assam. Gradually working with him she realized that inspite of Bhupen da’s many a new creations, he continued to have this feeling and also felt bad because the people in Assam failed to understand him. This, she said, he even had this feeling till his last days. Mentioning about Bhupen da’s golden period in Calcutta, she went on to share how he went to Mumbai to play a larger role in the world of music. She ended emphasizing the need to uphold the values for which Bhupen da lived for and thanked the organizers for organizing such a beautiful programme.

It was now the turn of Dr Pradipjyoti Mahanta to deliberate upon ‘Dr Hazarika’s Philosophy and his  Journey of Harmony’. Dr Mahanta referring to his various creations said that all these have added to the repository of Assamese literature thus making it aesthetically, philosophically and practically enduring and  stronger. He said that Dr Hazarika played the role of cultural ambassador who continued the cultural renaissance spearheaded by Srimanta Sankaradeva and was continued by Jyoti Prasad Agarwala and Bishnu Rabha. He further said that we are yet to take stock of the literary value of his creations and analyse his writings and there is great scope for research on his works which will great contribution in the area of social science. His deliberation was followed by showing video clips of Dr Hazarika’s involvement with the Setubandha programme which was organized jointly by the Asom Satra Mahasabha and Srimanta Foundation at Guwahati in 2003.

It was now the time to listen to the rendition of Smt Anuradha Sharma Pujari, a renowned writer. She had recited  a poem by Bhupen da titled ‘Nihxabda’.

Sjt Bhaskarjyoti Mahanta then announced the presence of Dr Lakhi Goswami from Tezpur who had been very close to Bhupen da. In fact it was their home where Bhupen da stayed when he was in Tezpur. She had come all the way to participate in the programme to share her thoughts on Bhupen da’s Joy, Tears & Introspection. But before she came over to speak Sjt Mahanta again took the august gathering to certain moments of Bhupen da’s life which was captured for eternity. These clippings were of 8 Sept. 2001 and the occasion was Bhupen da’s birthday being celebrated amongst some of his close well wishers. These clippings as usual kept the audience glued to the screen. This was again followed by equally touching moments for the audience when they listened attentively to Dr Lakhi Goswami speaking on Bhupen da’s joyful as well as his sad times, about his child like nature, about how he was being ignored by the people of Assam.

Sjt Bhaskarjyoti Mahanta then requested Shri Surjya Hazarika to say a few words on Bhupen da. Sjt Hazarika spoke about a few of the moments he shared with the maestro and emphasized the importance to compile his works and work upon it.

The programme ended by Sjt Bhaskarjyoti Mahanta thanking the august gathering for their participation, the media and all those who help to make the programme a success, requested everyone to join in a chorus which Bhupen da always liked. It was Paul Robson’s ‘We are in the same boat brothers’, the lyrics of which was circulated amongst the audience.



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