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One of the most celebrated names in the social, cultural and religious life of Assam in the last century, Late Sri Sri Pitambar Deva Gadmuriya Sattradhikar Goswami of Majuli, the riverine island of the mighty Brahmaputra, was a personality of rare vision and commitment, dedication and erudition. Born on June 10, 1885 in the Saru Gadmur Sattra, Majuli, to the late Chitrachandra Deva and Durgeswari Devi, young Pitambar was anointed to the monastic order of the Gadmur Sattra and seated as its Deka Sattradhikar at the age of just 6 years. Given to Sanskrit learning under the tutelege of Nityanandadeva Bhagawati Vidyavagish in the Sattra itself, Pitambar Deva was elevated as the Sattradhikar of the Gadmur Sattra at the age of 21 years, after the passing away of Sri Sri Jogachandra Deva Sattradhikar Goswami. Continuing with the Sanskrit studies in a wider range covering grammar and literature, philosophy, religion and theology, he also took to self-teaching of English and modern Assamese literature. Also, Pitambar Deva learnt Ayurveda as well as took lessons in classical music both vocal and instrumental (Sitar, Violin and Harmonium), inviting experts from Calcutta to the Sattra, along with the traditional Sattriya music from senior Sattra exponents.


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