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Parvati Prasad Baruah


Parvati Prasad Baruah…… Geetikavi, the Lyrical Poet of Assam

Parvati Prasad Baruva is one of the cultural icons of Assam, was a poet, lyricist, dramatist: an icon of Assamese literature and the Culture of Assam. Known for his simple and sensitive use of the Assamese language, he is popularly known as the Geetikavi—the lyrical poet of Assam
The first decade of the 20th century can be deemed as highly significant for Assam because three eminent sons were born to serve the state with lilting music and inspiring poetry. The proverbial three Prasads — Jyotiprasad Agarwalla (1903), Parvati Prasad Baruva (1904) and Bishnu Prasad Rabha (1909) — were synonymous with literature, culture, dance, music and cinematography. The triumvirate kept the literary and cultural arena of the state illumined and vibrant for almost the next six decades.
The Poet..
The interest of this Geetikavi in Assamese music and poetry was a genius, with revolutionary ideas and a bohemian lifestyle, constantly mingling with the people at the grassroots. What make him unique is that his compositions are in a fluid natural style that appeals to all. The subject matter of his poems was invariably picked up from the rural canvas of the state. The vast expanse of the mighty Brahmaputra locally called the Barluit, with lonely islands and flowery reeds and tiny boats, were the themes of many of his poems and songs. Hills and hillocks, rivers and rivulets, forests and grasslands, flora and fauna, the turbulent summer sky or the calm serene sky of autumn found a place in the sensitive poetic lap of his imagination and ten published anthology of his poems and lyrics.
His unforgettable poems and songs ….
Bhonga Tukarir Sur ; Gungunani including Puja Aha, Nubulu Tuk, and Tur Nai Je Bondhuwa Baat, Luit, Luitor Saporit Kore Naworiya , Sukula Dawor Oi Kohuwa Phul, Sarodi Sandhiyar Jonaki Mel ; Lakhhimi ,Sonar Seleng 

Geetikavi’s poetry has been translated into Hindi, English and may other Indian languages. Paromita Das won the third prize in Indian Literature Golden Jubilee Literary Translation Awards Competition conducted by Sahitya Akademi of India in 2007 for her translation of two poems by Parvati Prasad Baruwa, namely "If Life Be Lost" and "Life Awakens".

The Filmmaker…
Parvati Prasad was also one of the early pioneering filmmakers of Assamese cinema. His one and only film Rupahi was next to Jyotiprasad’s legendary creation Joymati. The poet, besides producing and directing the film, acted in the role of Ananda Mahanta, a minstrel of devotional songs. He was out and out a romantic in his perception of life and poetry.
The personality...
Parvati Prasad Baruva, a debonair, young man impeccably attired in white dhoti-kurta and a traditional Assamese cap on his head, always impressed people with his erudite aristocratic demeanor. Yes, aristocratic he was, but it was never a burden for him. His sublime features radiated a halo of benign simplicity, which enabled even the poorest of the poor to feel easy in his company. He was a  staunch devotee of Rabindranath Tagore’s works
Parvati Prasad Baruva was born in Sivasagar, which is on the banks of the Dikhow River at his ancestral home. At a later stage, had to be abandoned because of erosion by the river. The family shifted to Sonari, 50 km up east, and now the subdivisional headquarters of Charaideo subdivision of the district. Sonari remained the place of his work and worship till he breathed his last on June 7, 1964.


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