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Assamese Idioms and Proverbs :


Assamese idioms and proverbs (jotua thas) are evidence of a wonderful genius of our forefathers who used to describe usual happenings in simple, explanatory ways of expression drawn from life experiences. There is an innate humor in the suggestions given in form of analogy, anecdotes or allusion said out in an attractive rhythmic fashion. 


Naai he nekhaau, loghuneo nejaao
Gaatu nidiu dukh

Neither will I eat since food is not there, nor will I starve .I can not hurt myself.
Naasibo naajaanile, sutaalkhon heremgoriyaa



He who does not know how to dance,
Finds the floor of the courtyard sloping.

An interesting Assamese equivalent of the English proverb 'None but the wearer knows where the shoe pinches'.



Luitehe jaane bothaa
Kimanoloi bohe

The Lohit only knows how deep the oar dips. The sufferer only knws how bad his situation is.



Teliyaai kaande tel pelaai
Kopuhuwaai kaande let petaai

The oil seller weeps for the oil that is spilled
The cotton dealer weeps and soaks his cotton in tears



Dohu angulire khaai
Buraai hechukilehe jaai 

All the ten fingers are used in eating,
But it is the thumb has to push the same to complete the job.



Naakot laagil paak
Moha bhokotor chintaa laagil
Medhi paatim kaak


The Chief disciple is indecisive about selecting the right monk.
An interesting proverb on giving false excuses runs thus:



Haar naaikiyaa jibaa
Koy kibaa kibaa

Since the tongue has no bone,
says various things.
A sound piece of advice



Dhon lobaa lekhi
Baat bulibaa dekhi

Count money before you take it,
Start walking only if you have seen the road.



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