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The Srimanta Foundation for Culture and Society is a charitable Trust which was formally launched on 8 April 2003 at Guwahati with following Vision, Mission and Objectives



The Vision is SRIMANTA. It is to achieve a beautiful and prosperous society enshrined in the Bharatiya thought process. 



The Mission is FOUNDATION. It is to lay the foundation based on the heritage chartered by Chaolung Sui-kpha and Naranarayan-Chilarai in general and the humanistic ideals propounded by Srimanta Sankardeva in particular. In the process we strive in our own modest way to build the Assamese society to contribute to the larger Indian society and the entire mankind.  


Srimanata Foundation for Culture and Society is established with a view to work towards upholding and preserving the abiding values of non-violence and humanism, peace and development, human unification and social integration in Assam, the Northeast and other parts of the country. The Foundation will also strive towards ensuring capacity building and skill development. 



Research & Documentation: To document, in audio, video, written / printed forms, the systems and practices prevailing in the society. While doing so undertaking research work to understand the uniqueness, the core principles, the values, the norms which had made the Assamese society evolve to its present state and learning thereof what will lead us further to evolve in a harmonious society. 


Preservation & Promotion: To preserve and further promote the distinctive arts, crafts and literary traditions both classical and folk which has made the Assamese as a community. Further through research and innovations to identify practices and systems which can be presented to the humanity.  


Training & Education: To build capacity both at the individual and community level through need based training and education. Traditional skills, transfer of skills, strengthening of skills, natural roles, community work and holistic thinking will be the key areas for training and education. Designing need-based training programmes and educational curricula will be done.    


Socio-economic: To build up community based production systems promoting production by masses and the economic well-being of the community. Concepts of micro-economics, cultural economics and Swaraj will be discussed to promote quality life, happiness and sustainable living.  


Need Based Programmes: These programmes will be designed aiming at inter-community amity, conflict resolution, awareness and motivational programmes, exposure and field visits, skill development and other personality development programmes. 


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